Sterling Landscape Development was created to enable homeowners to have a professionally designed and installed landscape at an affordable price.

Sterling Landscape Design provides a full range of landscape services from concept to installation. We have over 25 years experience creating beautiful landscape designs for residential properties in Southern California. With a background in horticulture, we are experts in plant materials and know how to maximize your budget to give you the look that you want, with a combination of plant material that will be easy to maintain. As nurserymen, we have experience growing these plants ourselves – we know what it takes to maintain your newly installed plants as they grow and flourish into the outdoor space you’ve always wanted.

We work with a select group of highly skilled, licensed landscape contractors to bring our designs to life. We use the most advanced green technology combined with the aesthetics of your home’s style to achieve a landscape that delivers in form and function.

Why work with a landscape developer?

  • Your gardener may do a great job at weekly maintenance, but he does not have the experience in plant materials to help you do a yard re-design.
  • Your local nursery may have plant materials you like, but we will come out to your property to make sure that your current landscape and irrigation will support your new trees, hedges and other plantings.
  • We grow many of the plant materials ourselves and can offer you top-quality plants and trees; we take care of the installation so it is done right. This means that the money you invest in your plant materials purchase will give you long-lasting results.
  • As experts in Southern California plant materials, we know the pitfalls and strong points of each variety of tree, hedge, ornamental grasses, evergreen roses and other plant materials. Offering you our expertise gives you the advantage from design to completion.

How Sterling Landscape Development can save you money

  • We will help you choose the right plant material for your growing conditions to achieve the look that you want.
  • We know the right combinations of plants for irrigation. This will help you maximize your current irrigation or design a new irrigation system that will save you money on your watering.
  • We can offer a superior design that is low-maintenance, low-water, and in tune with the Southern California environment
  • Specializing in evergreen trees and roses, we can design a landscape that looks great year-round, saving you from repeated seasonal planting.
  • We also provide maintenance on your newly re-designed landscape to keep it looking great year after year.
  • Thinking of selling your home down the road? A professionally landscaped yard is one of the most cost-effective ways to raise the resale value of your property.

Why choose Sterling?

  • Free phone consultation
  • We are local and flexible; just let us know when you are available.
  • We are budget-conscience
  • Design services included
  • Quality service and expert workmanship
  • Superior plant materials
  • Attention to detail
  • We get it done right the first time
  • Trained, Experienced Horticulturalists
  • Fully Licensed and Insured

Our specialties

  • Hedging Materials
  • Olive Trees
  • Colorful Ornamental Grasses
  • Complete Landscape Re-design
  • Southern California Native Plant Materials
  • Succulents
  • Low-Water, low-maintenance plant materials
  • Sustainable Design

 Whether you need a complete yard re-design, or just a couple of new trees or hedges, Sterling Landscape Development is your solution.

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